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Welcome to Bordetella.org: The home of the International Bordetella Society

This website aims to:

  1. Provide information about the International Bordetella Society
  2. Network Bordetella researchers to move our field forward
  3. Organize meetings and conferences occurring in both the US and abroad
  4. Share tools and resources with the community

The 12th International Symposium was held in April 2019 in Brussels https://bordetella.ulb.be/

If you attended the 12th Symposium you can access the PDFs of presentations at this link (click here).

During the symposium a Board of Directors was voted in to facilitate formation of the Society.  The Board elected Tod Merkel to serve as the first Chair.  At this time the bylaws are being composed and the measures to seek non-profit status are underway.

The Board of Directors of the International Bordetella Society

  • F. Heath Damron
  • Kathy Edwards
  • Eric Harvill
  • Erik Hewlett
  • Tod Merkel
  • Kingston Mills
  • Peter Sebo

The 13th Symposium will be held in Vancouver at University of British Columbia and will be hosted by Rachel Fernandez.  The date and year are to be determined, but the Board seeks input from the community regarding the year and we would also welcome input to identify the location of the 14th Symposium.  Please go to this survey to submit thoughts and recommendations.